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Thermal Bath

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The Thermal Bath with its  many acres of parkland, offers recuperation, active relaxation, recreation and pleasant pastimes for every generation of visitors. Campsite guests can buy admission tickets at a greatly reduced price and may pass through without any restrictions.

Beach Services:

•  Pool filled with medicinal water
•  Waveless swimming pool (only for visitors with bathing caps)
•  Fun pool
•  Slides
•  Two partly shaded children’s pools of different depths, with slides
•  Playground
•  Beach football pitch
•  Beach volleyball court
•  Basketball backboards
•  Tennis court
•  Table tennis
•  Water gates
•  Chessboard
•  Equipment rental
•  Buffet and café

The main attraction is the thermal pool, filled with medicinal water, designed by Imre Makovecz, the world-famous Hungarian architect.

Tovább a Strandfürdő - Galériához


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Medicinal Spa

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The quality of Nagyatád medicinal water and the bath has brought national recognition to the town. Its water, rich in sodium bicarbonate, resurfaces from a depth of 742 metres underground at a temperature of 50 degrees Centigrade. The bath building, constructed in Roman style, was the starting point for this settlement in Somogy County to grow into a popular Transdanubian spa town.

Thermal Campsite Nagyatád around a 15 minute stroll from the Medicinal Bath.

Medicinal water component:

Sodium hydrogen carbonate mineral water


magnesium +
All Phosphate
silicic acid


3,1 mg/liter
320,0 mg/liter
4,6 mg/liter
10,7 mg/liter
5,6 mg/liter
0,1 mg/liter
5,0 mg/liter
0,08 mg/liter
0,02 mg/liter
0,13 mg/liter
5,0 mg/liter
1.000,0 mg/liter
0,24 mg/liter
0,9 mg/liter
34,0 mg/liter

1.424,0 mg/liter


The thermal water, which is suitable for bathing and drinking cures (Exciting well in the city center park next to the spa), is one of the best-rated qualified medicinal waters in the country. It is recommended to treat rheumatic diseases, joint complaints and post-fracture rehabilitation, alleviate gynecological complaints and suffer from stomach upset.

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