The place where the whole family has a good time.

In our hectic lives we are always on the run and can’t spend enough time on our nearest and dearest. It is time to have some fun, a game, a refreshing time bathing together, or just a placid family siesta or an enjoyable family gathering and celebration. Do not hesitate! Try our services! Give your family a delightful experience. For children, camping is such a great experience, one that will never be forgotten, whether  it’s in a tent, a caravan or a camper.

Use the facilities that our camping site and spa have to offer. Relax somewhere that even the youngest or the oldest members of the family can enjoy themselves in fine style.
Splash into one of our pools or let the family play sports together. Games, fun or rest can come afterwards.

Surely you like it when your child feels at home somewhere? You do not have to fret over how to make their stay in the camping site comfortable. We will make it easy for you, even from packing your cases.

Our family-friendly services:

•     Darts
•     Open air playground
•     Beach volleyball court
•     Beach football pitch
•     Basketball backboard
•     Table tennis
•     Tennis
•     Open air splasher (with intermittent operation)
•     Waveless swimming pool (only for visitors with bath caps) (with intermittent operation)
•     Fun pool (with intermittent operation)
•     Slides (with intermittent operation)
•     Two partly shaded children’s pools of different depth with slides (with intermittent operation)
•     Chess
•     Etc.


For family relaxation we are happy to recommend local events.



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